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This paper examines the use of toxic ingredients in common cosmetic products sold in the United States as a result of a lack of strict regulation in the United States beauty industry. 

In food blogging, there’s always a trove of challenges to navigate: finding a voice in the hungry pack of culinary columnists, translating your dining experiences to allow readers to eat with their eyes, and—at least in New York—keeping pace with the frantic trends of the food scene. 

As a clean beauty start-up, Follain is the definition of raw. Founded by Tara Foley in 2013, Follain is a platform of highly curated clean beauty products where customers can trust their cosmetics are as healthy as they are beautiful.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect brunch spot, curious about seasonal offerings, or looking for ideas to satisfy a late-night craving, Boston food account @twotastebuddiez has you covered!


Inclusion is a critical component of beauty because everyone deserves to find a shade that matches and works with their skin tone and makes them feel confident.

Today, many beauty companies are coming to understand the impact of inclusive marketing campaigns.

Today, many artists are frustrated by the limits of traditional social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They are looking for sites where there is no algorithm that dictates what posts followers see most often and places where they can upload full-frame versions of their work to be shared with an audience.

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, people are becoming excited about resuming their travel adventures. The world is opening up again, and people will soon be able to travel domestically and internationally.

Natural beauty brands have committed to making the world a better place and providing quality clean products to their customers. Many beauty brands take ethics seriously, and they avoid harsh chemicals, animal testing, and non-recyclable packaging.

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Villa Walsh’s Mary Carolonza hits a forehand during the Morris County Tournament girls tennis preliminary rounds at County College of Morris. September 23, 2017, Randolph, NJ


Honorable Mention winners in the Northern New Jersey Art Region included Olivia Goosay ’18 and Mary Carolonza ’18.