Communications Undergraduate

Mary Carolonza

Mary Carolonza is a student at Northeastern University and is pursuing a communications degree. She has an impressive resume working with various university sectors such as with the university publication, The Avenue, as a contributing writer and as an Undergraduate Research Assistant with the Center for Cognitive and Brain Health. 

In addition to her university involvement, Mary Carolona is deeply interested in extracurriculars  related to the arts, travel, tennis, and volunteering.

Portfolio Highlights

Recent News Features & Published Work

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This paper examines the use of toxic ingredients in common cosmetic products sold in the United States as a result of a lack of strict regulation in the United States beauty industry. 

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In food blogging, there’s always a trove of challenges to navigate: finding a voice in the hungry pack of culinary columnists, translating your dining experiences to allow readers to eat with their eyes, and—at least in New York—keeping pace with the frantic trends of the food scene. 

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As a clean beauty start-up, Follain is the definition of raw. Founded by Tara Foley in 2013, Follain is a platform of highly curated clean beauty products where customers can trust their cosmetics are as healthy as they are beautiful.